Climate Defenders of New Mexico Merger with 350 Santa Fe

Dear members of Climate Defenders of New Mexico:

This merger has brought our numbers above those that can be accommodated in the Pick Room at the library — a good problem for us to have. The larger room at the library is often unavailable. So we have permanently moved our Saturday morning meetings to the Fellowship Hall at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Galisteo St. and Barcelona Road. We appreciate the generosity of the church in hosting us at no charge. Our monthly meetings will continue to start at 10 a.m.

Basically, the merger combines the expertise, initiative and dedication of the people in our two groups. This will strengthen our ability to conduct programs in support of our mutual objectives, which are quite consistent. The Santa Fe chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby continues to exist as a separate entity, focusing on the adoption of national carbon fee and dividend legislation. The 350 Santa Fe chapter with which we have merged will work on state level initiatives. The 350 group will work in support of initiatives by other environmental groups in New Mexico concerned with climate, which will include many kinds of solutions, not just market based ones. It will also collaborate with Climate XChange in its support of state initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using market strategies.

We are developing a new Mailchimp list to communicate with the members of the combined group. The national CCL group has asked us to be sure that people signing up through their website are not automatically transferred over to any other group’s mailing list. So we are asking you to opt in to the new group’s list if you wish to receive correspondence from 350 Santa Fe. If you do, please subscribe now to the new list. If you do not wish to be included on the 350 Santa Fe mailing list but want to continue receiving correspondence about CCL activities — namely, advocacy for the national carbon fee and dividend — you do not need to do anything; you will continue receiving correspondence from CCL.

We are excited to have merged with this group, which has a long history of responsible and vigorous advocacy for a healthy climate. Thank you for your commitment to a clean energy future.


Paul Biderman
Robert Cordingley
350 Santa Fe Co-facilitators