350 Santa Fe

Our Purpose

Working hard, accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels as we collaborate, coordinate, and cooperate with climate crisis fighters in and around Santa Fe,

  • supporting local legislative and election initiatives
  • pursuing solutions and educating the public
  • encouraging R&D, technology transfer, commercialization and adoption opportunities for climate crisis technologies and businesses
  • promoting Carbon Fee & Dividend proposals
  • identifying Drawdown Project implications for New Mexico
  • holding Climate Action Simulation events in the Santa Fe Area
  • championing a Green New Deal for New Mexico

Our Focus

There are many opportunities and initiatives that need our support. We will bring a focus on education for ourselves and the general public with an emphasis on engaging the youth in order to secure a just and rapid transition while pursuing:

  • 100% Renewable Energy for All
  • No New Fossil Fuel Projects Anywhere
  • Divestment, desponsoring and defunding of Fossil Fuel companies.

Our Core Organizing Team

Robert Cordingley – co-facilitator
Paul Biderman – co-facilitator
Jean Darling
Jim Eagle
Maj-Britt Eagle
Christopher Mann
Barbara Sinha
Greg Sonnenfeld
Adam Wasserman