Climate & Energy Bills – 2024

350 Santa Fe Priority Climate & Energy Bills

Important Dates

Prefile Period: Jan 2 – Jan 12
Session Opened: noon Jan 16
Session Closes: noon Feb 15

Priority Legislation

We have adopted the same priority bills for this short session as our friends at 350 New Mexico. Visit their Climate and Energy Bills 2024 web page for the latest updates. Some legislation we saw as particularly critical were:

Geothermal Energy, SB59, HB91, SB58, HB92, SB40
Environmental Rights (Green Amendment), HJR4
Clean Transportation Fuel Standards, HB41
Statewide Public Health and Climate Program, HB104
Low Income Solar Act, SB2
Oil & Gas Future Royalty Rate, HB48

What You Can Do

Send an email if you’d like to help our legislative action team in the future.