Climate & Energy Bills – 2021

350 Santa Fe Priority Climate & Energy Bills

Below find our list of legislative initiatives that our Legislative Action Team has identified as most deserving of our energies and efforts. We look forward to working with the many organizations that have also identified these as something worth pushing for.

The list includes issues and proposals that are expected to be or have been introduced as bills, memorandum or resolutions for the New Mexico 2021 long session. As details are determined and bills are filed, IDs assigned, and progressed through committees we plan to include their status below.

ID links go to the page for details on the legislation.

Current Location links go to the listed committee’s page where you can see their schedule and committee members. Locations are listed with the most recent at the top.

Hearings are generally scheduled for 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. More information is available on the House and Senate calendars.

View the 2021 legislative committees membership and contact information as compiled by 350NM.

Actively supported legislation means one or more volunteers will at least be watching developments. For more information see the included links.

What You Can Do

You can contact the committee chair or members using their information accessible via the location links. You can watch the proceedings via the webcasts. You can give public comment in support as follows:

For the House: If you wish to give public comment, you should access the zoom link towards the top of the committee’s page (“Please click this link for public comment for …”) and use the “raise hand” function when asked about public comment for the bill you are wishing to speak about. It’s recommended to prepare your remarks ahead of time to deliver in about 30 sec, tho’ this time is not guaranteed.

For the Senate: To comment in Senate committees, you must email the address given on the committee page usually by 3 p.m. the day before the hearing with your name, the bill you want to speak on, and whether you are for or against a bill. You will be sent a Zoom link to use for public comment. However, the Senate is limiting the number of comments due to time concerns.  Note that the public webcast and Zoom sessions are not synchronized so you will have to silence or end your webcast before connecting via Zoom. It’s recommended to prepare your remarks ahead of time to deliver in about 2 min, tho’ this time is not guaranteed.

General webcasts are available for all hearings for anyone to monitor.

Please note that this information is often tentative and subject to change at short notice and may not keep up with fast paced developments.

(Last Updated 3/5/21  5:10 pm)

Priority Legislation We Strongly Support

Bill ID Titles Sponsors Current Location Hearing Scheduled
HB 9 Climate Solutions Act (more info…) Rep. Melanie Stansbury, Sen. Brian Egolf, Rep. Angelica Rubio, Sen. Mimi Steward, Rep. Nathan P. Small HSEIC

(passed HENRC 2/6/21)

SJR 3 Environmental Rights, CA (aka Green Amendment for NM)
(more info… FAQ)
Sen. Sedillo Lopez, Sen. Willian Soules, Rep. Joanne Ferrary, Rep. Harold Pope, Jr. SJC

(passed SRC on comm. sub. 2/10/21)

SB 8 Local Gov’t Air Quality Regulations (was Eliminate “no more stringent” restrictions in state law)


Sen. Peter Wirth, Sen Linda M. Lopez SCAL

(passed SFC 2/4/21

passed SJC 2/3/21,

passed SCONC 1/26/21)

SB 112 Sustainable Economy Task Force Sen. Mimi Stewart HENRC

(passed Senate

passed SFC 2/25/21

passed SCONC 2/4/21)

SB 130 Purchase of Electric Vehicles (aka State fleet electrification) Sen. William Soules SFC

(passed STBTC 2/17/21)

Mar 5


Priority Legislation We Also Support

Bill ID Title Sponsors Current Location Hearing Scheduled
HB 236 Public Banking Act (more info…)

See SB 313 next.

Sen. Jeff Steinborn, Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero, Rep Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (tabled HAFC 3/4/21

passed HCEDC 2/18/21)

SB 313 Public Banking Act (more info…) – Sen. Jeff Steinborn, STBTC Mar 8
SB 58 Electric Vehicle Charging Unit Credit Sen. Bill Tallman STBTC
SB 83 Local Choice Energy Act Sen. Jeff Steinborn
Sen. Liz Stefanics

(passed SCONC 2/10/21)

SB 149 Prohibit New Fracking Licenses Sen. Sedillo Lopez, Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero SJC

(passed SCONC 2/17/21)

SB 296 Increased Penalties for Enviro Violations Sen. Brenda G. McKenna
Sen. Jeff Steinborn

(passed SCONC 2/18/21)


Key to Committee Abbreviations.