Climate & Energy Bills – 2022

350 Santa Fe Priority Climate & Energy Bills

What You Can Do

Contact your legislator via to let them know your support for the various legislative action as we recommend.

Check on the Session Calendar for updates on House and Senate hearings. From there, check the committee of interest for instructions on how to present testimony – it’s generally at the bottom of their page, but often requires 24 hours notice.

You can click on the committee link against each bill below for more information on committee chairs and members.

Prepare any testimonies you want to offer ahead of time, write them out, have a 1 min and a 2 min versions ready and practiced. Use your own words as much as possible.

General webcasts are available for all hearings for anyone to see live or review afterwards.

Review our brief Talking Points below.

Legislative action can be quite fluid so be aware that our information here may be updated at any time as details become available.

Priority Legislation

Column Headings:

  • Bill ID links go to the page for details on the legislation.
  • Current Location shows which committee is holding hearings
  • Scheduled Hearing shows dates and times of hearings

Bill ID Titles Sponsors Current Location Hearing Scheduled
Hydrogen Hub Act  – oppose ‘Gov’
Hydrogen Hub Development Act – oppose Patti Lundstrom
Hydrogen Hub Memorial – support Liz Stefanics
HB 6

(Press release

more info…)

Clean Future Act – support Rep Nathan Small, Rep. Brian Egolf and Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero HENRC
(more info…)
Environmental Rights, CA – support

(aka Green Amendment for NM)


Antoinette Sedillo Lopez,  Jeff Steinborn SRC
HJR 2 Environmental Rights, CA – support

(aka Green Amendment for NM)

Joanne J. Ferrary,
Tara L. Lujan,
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez,
Gail Chasey,
Harold Pope
HB 37 Community Energy Efficiency Dev Block Grant – support Rep. Kristina Ortez,
Rep. Debra M. Sariñana
Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero
HCPAC 1/25/22


Supported legislation we also want passed.

Bill ID Titles Sponsors Current Location Hearing Scheduled
SB 14 Enacting the Clean Fuel Standard Act Mimi Stewart STBTC
HB 11 Energy Storage System Tax Credit Debra M. Sariñana,
Meredith A. Dixon,
Mimi Stewart

(passed HENRC 1/22)

SB 21 Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit Bill Tallman STBTC
HB 34 Solar Market Development Tax Credit Extension Joanne J. Ferrary,
William Soules

(passed HENRC 1/22)

HB 14 Bonds & GRT Deduction for Electric Storage Christine Chandler,
Debra M. Sariñana,
Nathan P. Small
HB 35 Geothermal Ground-coulpled Heat Pumps Joanne J. Ferrary,
William Soules

(passed HENRC 1/22)

SB 11 New Mexico Reforestation Center Act Pat Woods,
Debra M. Sariñana
HB 101 New Mexico Reforestation Center Act Debra M. Sariñana,
Marian Matthews,
Kristina Ortez,
Matthew McQueen,
Phelps Anderson
Land of Enchantment Bond ‘Gov.’ Not prefiled


Key to Committee Abbreviations.

(Last Updated 1/22/22 4:20 pm)

Talking Points

350 Santa Fe’s legislative priorities for the legislative session that began on Tuesday, January 18 are listed below. If and when giving testimony please use your own words.

Support for the Clean Future Act (previously Zero Emissions Economy Act)–landmark legislation proposed by Governor Lujan Grisham requiring that greenhouse gas emissions in New Mexico are reduced to half of 2005 levels by 2030 and to “net zero” by 2050, including 90% reduction in direct emissions. Net zero means the sum of direct emissions less carbon sequestration above current levels in forests, soils and through technological means is zero.

Opposition to the legislation in encouraging hydrogen production in New Mexico from natural gas. Scientific studies have shown that production of hydrogen from methane releases more greenhouse gases than burning natural gas directly for heat or power.

Support for the Environmental Rights Constitutional Amendment (Green Amendment). If passed by the legislature, this resolution would put a the issue on the ballot for the next general election. This lets the voters decide to amend the state constitution to establish a fundamental right of all citizens to a clean water, clean air and healthy soils.

Among others we are asking folks to engage legislators using this social media toolkit. Clicking on the name of the legislator will generate a tweet to them in support of the Green Amendment.

Support for the Community Energy Efficiency Development (CEED) Block Grant Act which seeks to improve utility affordability, reduce energy burden, and increase utility access of low-income New Mexicans. New Mexicans living in rural, low-income, and other underserved communities spend a high portion of their income on utility bills. On average, those living below the poverty line pay 15% of their income toward energy bills alone.

Making energy efficiency improvements in low-income housing cuts energy bills for these New Mexicans, improves the quality of affordable housing stock, and will help New Mexico achieve its zero-carbon electricity target.

Unfortunately, New Mexico is behind other leading states when it comes to funding energy efficiency improvements for low-income households.  26 states provide at least double the amount of low-income efficiency investments per capita through state or utility funds. It’s time for the State of New Mexico to invest in services to help low-income residents reduce their energy burdens while enabling the state to reach its climate goals.

Along with these important issues, numerous other bills listed above also get our support while creating incentives for solar power, energy efficiency and electric vehicles; and improve conservation of New Mexico’s lands and waters, which enhances the ability of New Mexico’s ecosystems to withstand climate change and their capacity to remove and store carbon from the atmosphere.

This year’s legislative session presents an unprecedented opportunity to put New Mexico on a strong path toward a just, sustainable, and carbon-neutral economy.