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350 Santa Fe Global Warming Wiki

As the amount of information on the climate crisis continues to grow exponentially, in early 2020 it became clear that corralling our notes and reference materials in a wiki might be an effective approach. We have populated our wiki to capture reference resources and materials that volunteers and activists might need to support programs and plans. From documentation of the worst impacts of the climate crisis to the explosion of solutions that may be needed and legislative possibilities, the wiki attempts to also capture state, private and public efforts to reverse global warming.

You may access this ‘encyclopedia’ of growing reference materials at 350santafe.wiki. While browsing our pages, you may find that much of the power of a wiki is accessible via its Search capabilities.

We are continually adding and updating material and references so you should feel free to send your ideas, corrections or contributions to 350santafe.info@gmail.com, via our contact form or via our Global Warming Wiki Request Form.