Climate Action Simulations Team

Facilitator: Jim Eagle

The Climate Action Simulation software is a highly interactive, role-playing game. It uses the En-ROADS simulation model to engage a wide range of participants in exploring key technology and policy solutions for addressing global warming. The game can be conducted as a simulated emergency climate summit organized by the United Nations that convenes global stakeholders to establish a concrete plan that limits warming to Paris Agreement goals.

This game is a fun format for large groups to explore climate crisis solutions and see what it would really take to address this global challenge. It can be also used in a one-on-one situation to explore individual’s ideas for action.

Our team is chartered to develop local resources to run the simulations with staff from local businesses and students in the Santa Fe area.

Progress Report – June 12, 2020

The 350 Santa Fe Climate Action Simulation Team is currently participating in weekly, webinar-based training sessions with the creators of En-ROADS, an on-line, world-wide, climate simulation. En-ROADS allows testing policies for electrical generation, transportation, land use, agriculture, consumption, forest management, and other large-scale, societal activities. Simulation outputs include important climate parameters such as global temperature, sea level rise, and greenhouse gas emissions. The current goal is to use this climate simulation interactively with small groups to explore the effects of various climate policy actions in addressing climate change. The target audience would be activists and decision-makers in government, business, and civil society; or for anyone else who is concerned about how the choices we make today will influence the future, global environment. Contact Jim Eagle if you would like to learn more. Information on En-ROADS can be found at