Legislative Action Team

Co-facilitator: Paul Biderman
Co-facilitator: Chris Mann

The legislative action team works to influence public policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase reliance on efficiency and renewable energy sources. This is accomplished through legislation at the state, federal and local levels, and by executive actions. Since 350 Santa Fe is located in the state capital, and with experts among our membership, we are well-positioned to take a leading role in advancing state policy.

Our current plans for advocating for climate-friendly policies at the state level include legislation supporting community solar electrical generation; promoting transition from gasoline-powered to electric vehicles; and advocating for a green constitutional amendment. We will also support the state administration’s efforts to obtain strong regulations to reduce methane emissions from petroleum production and processing.

At the State and Congressional level, we continue to support a carbon pricing bill, along with policies, including a just transition fund, to facilitate carbon pricing initiatives. For example, Fee and Dividend strategies raise revenues from transportation fuels while delivering a dividend to low income families, supporting highway maintenance and a clean infrastructure fund. Cap and Trade provides a market for the rights to emit carbon dioxide or trade in credits based on performance.