Electrify New Mexico

Many homes already use electric appliances for cooking, heating, hot water, clothes drying and more. These uses of electricity offer superior efficiency, better precision, more comfort, and health benefits at the same or lower cost as gas appliances.

So while electricity generation grows cleaner every day, switching to electric is better for the climate too.

Our largest carbon emissions come from our gas cars (50%), home heating (25%) and water heating (10%). With clean electricity and electrification of buildings & vehicles, together we could eliminate 80% of US energy-related emissions!

Our colleagues at 350 New Mexico have prepared detailed information on the many steps, opportunities and resources needed to Electrify New Mexico. There you can learn about:

  • Weatherization
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Induction Cooking
  • Heat Pump Clothes Driers
  • Energy Management
  • EVs and EV Chargers
  • Solar and Batteries
  • Rebates
  • Tax Credits
  • Resources for renters, landlords and low income residents

and much more.

Visit Electrify New Mexico