HB 9 – Climate Solutions Act

Support Climate Solutions Act (HB 9) in HSEIC Committee Hearing Wed. Feb 22

Please email your Representative and attend the House Zoom Meeting

What: Climate Solutions Act; the most comprehensive climate bill in this year’s legislature.

Topic: How do I support passage of HB 9 in the House State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee (HSEIC).

When: 8:00am, Wednesday February 22. Second on the Agenda.

Where: Zoom Meeting Link

Description: The Climate Solutions Act (HB 9) establishes nation-leading carbon pollution limits to benefit current and future generations while ensuring that all New Mexicans will benefit from the increased jobs provided in a green economy. The bill promotes sustainable, equitable and resilient economic development – resulting in the creation of high-quality jobs for everyday New Mexicans. The bill ensures that the most impacted communities and historically disadvantaged communities are the priority for pollution reduction and have a seat at the table to envision a more diversified and resilient economy as we move to a net-zero carbon future.

Codifies and expands the Governor’s New Mexico Climate Strategy. Building on Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s climate Executive Order (2019-003), this bill sets a goal of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. HB 9 also sets a target of 60% reduction by 2030 in methane, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound emissions from the oil and gas sector from 2005 levels. The bill codifies the Governor’s cabinet level climate leadership council and requires the promulgation of rules by state agencies and implementation of incentives and policies to reduce emissions that prioritize reductions in the state’s most impacted communities.