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Robert Cordingley President

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Paul Biderman Vice President

Movie Screening Team Lead

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Paul Biderman and his wife Ellen moved to New Mexico in 1970. Paul had just graduated NYU Law School after growing up in New York City, and went to work for the Legal Services Program for the Dine (Navajo) people, DNA Legal Services. After three years in this very different community, they decided to stay in New Mexico.

Paul would be hired in 1976 by the young, newly elected Attorney General, Toney Anaya, as the first Assistant AG to serve full-time in the Consumer Protection Division. There he started the unit representing consumer interests in public utility rate proceedings, also teaching a seminar in consumer law as an adjunct faculty member at UNM School of Law. After serving under a succeeding AG, Jeff Bingaman, who named Paul director of the Consumer Division, he was appointed in 1983 to serve as Secretary of Energy and Minerals for Governor Anaya. In that role, he emphasized energy conservation and renewable development.

After several years in private practice, Paul was hired in 1991 to start the Judicial Education Center at the Institute of Public Law in the Law School. During his 14 years in this role, the new program won national awards from the American Bar Association and the State Justice Institute for its broad range of offerings and its pioneering work in online judicial education programming. He was appointed director of the Institute of Public Law in 2005.

After retiring from UNM in 2011, Paul soon joined a climate protection group, Citizens Climate Lobby. That group morphed into another, ultimately merging with 350 Santa Fe in 20__?. Paul became vice-president of the 350 chapter, which he continues to serve today.

Paul and Ellen live in Santa Fe. We have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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