Individual Action

Action That Works For You

There are many things that an individual can do to be part of the solution. Taking action can reduce feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and anxiety and makes you part of the solution.

What resonates with you? Think about action that you can take that would be a good fit for you so you can actually do it consistently and maybe even expand it as time passes.

Ideas for Action

  1. The most important thing you can do is to vote for candidates who take a strong position on fighting climate change. If this is all you do, it’s important. If you can convince friends to do it too and to convince their friends, that starts to make a big difference.
  2.  You can help get the vote out for candidates who will take a strong position against climate change. One way is to write postcards to encourage voting. Find organizations to send you scripts and addresses by Googling “Write postcards to voters”.
  3. Individuals can make a big difference in the garden! Are you a gardener who wants to support pollinators or plug into the healthy soil action community? Here are things you could do:
  4. Explore actions by theme or actor from the Localization Action Guide.
  5. Population Balance envisions a future where our human footprint is in balance with life on Earth.
  6. Outdoor Afro x Parks Project
  7. Forbes Ladder of Engagement
  8. Call your Congressperson to voice your opinion about climate issues.
  9. If you can, donate money to groups that are taking action (see Group Actions).
  10. Show up at a rally. Rally events are posted on social media and through Climate Action groups (see Group Actons).
  11. At home you can pay attention to how much water you use in the house and garden and see where you can reduce, eat less or no meat, do a home energy audit, divest from fossil fuel stocks. Here are ideas for saving water.
  12. Share your awareness ideas with friends, family and colleagues.
  13. Write Letters to the Editor to share your knowledge and start conversations.

Let’s remember to take good care of each other!

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